Smoke Out Rally Bike Show Winners

Smoke Out Rally

The Horseless Smoke Out 19 Kills It in Rockingham, NC

A buddy of mine was talking about the Smoke Out Rally and he said that the Smoke Out is oversized, beat up and reeks of marijuana, it’s kind of like Willie Nelson’s tour bus, except people still want to ride that….

And I thought to myself, ‘O ye, of little faith’. Edge, the head cook and bottle washer of the Smoke Out Rally, has been putting on a show for 19 years and each one is run like a symphony of sights and sounds that’s built specifically for the world of the chopper jockey. George the Painter, “GTP”, said that it would be Epic and he was right. It was more relaxed in a way… more like back in the early days of Indian Larry and Billy Lane. [Read more…]

Installing Ken’s Factory NEO-FUSION Headlight

Ken's Factory Neo-Fusion Headlight

Ken’s Factory Neo-Fusion Headlight

Sportster LED Headlight Install

Hank Thibodeau of Widowmaker Custom Design and Repair installed a Ken’s Factory NEO-FUSION Headlight on a 2007 Sportster. The install requires standard hand tools and a little bit of soldiering.

The headlight bucket from Ken’s Factory USA is so stylish that it looks like motorcycle jewelry. Ken Nagai is the renowned international motorcycle designer that builds high quality and premium components. [Read more…]

Sofi Tsingos – Daughters of Custom Build Off

3 Teams – Daughters of Custom Build Off

I was sitting in the James Joyce bar with Dr. Tequila thinking up a promotion for vets. Over the last year I pulled together a few programs including a breakfast, silent auction and a raffle.

Cookie, the disgruntled and disaffected bartender, served me 3 ice cubes and 3 fingers of Stormy Jack Daniels and the Doctor got Tequila. [Read more…]

2018 Washington DC Ultimate Builder Results

Rhino Works the Crowd at the Ultimate Builder

2018 Washington DC Ultimate Builder Results – Iron Customs Take FreeStyle

Custom Bikes from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina all met at the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show in Washington, DC, at the 2018 Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows®.

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Chicago Round: 2018 Ultimate Builder


Results from the Chicago edition of the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show

The weekend started with snow and it ended with snow. You would think that bad weather would reduce the number of custom bikes in the show but the allure of $70,000 in cash and prizes delivered over 85 custom sleds.

The Chicago round produced 8 customs transferring to the National Championship. The custom bikes came from as far away as Texas, New York and California. [Read more…]

Who Won What at the 2018 Championship

Winner at Ultimate Builder Championship

2017-2018 Ultimate Builder Awards

The championship round advanced 33 award-winning bikes from 6 qualifying competitions with builders coming as far away as California and Texas.

Listed below are the winners and the awards that they won.

FREESTYLE CLASS – 2018 Ultimate Builder Awards

1 – #2025 Motorcycle Missions, Krystal Hess

FREE 1st
10,000 10,000
$250 Gift Cert – TCX 250
$250 Gift Cert – Joker 250
$250 Gift Cert – Klock 250
Kirsh Helmets – Custom 250
Working Man – Belt 1000
Atomic Bob Art 500
DB Fab Hardtail 350

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2018 Ultimate Builder Championship Awarded in Chicago

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At each round of the series, the custom bikes that won or placed received an automatic bid to compete in the national championship. The championship round advanced 33 award-winning bikes from 6 qualifying competitions with builders coming as far away as California and Texas. And that says something with all of the snow that was dumped in Chicago during the weekend.

A VIP panel of judges were selected for the championship including Chris Callen, editor, Cycle Source Magazine; Chris Theis, custom builder and stuntman; Evan Favaro, custom builder; George Stinsman, custom builder; Max Ness of Arlen Ness Motorcycles; and Nick Beaulieu, custom builder and 2017 champion. [Read more…]

Ultimate Builder Results in Dallas, TX

Ultimate Builder Results in Dallas

Atomic Bob Parties at Strokers in Dallas

February 2-4, 2018 – Ultimate Builder Results in Dallas – 2018
By Jeff Najar, Biker Pros Partner, Producers of Custom Motorcycle Shows

Dallas, Texas is the final stop before the championship round of the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show. Over 60 bikes were looking to win or place and to move on to the Chicago to compete for $70,000 in cash and prizes.

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Skidmark Garage Thankful for Participation

Skidmark Garage

Meet the Builders

Many months ago, Tom Wronkovich of Whiskey Grade got this ball rolling when he decided he needed to step into my world and help Skidmark Garage stay alive.

Because he’s connected to some serious decision makers, he proposed the idea of having community motorcycle garages (CMGs) play some sort of role in all the IMS shows this season. This led to Zach Rudio from Progressive’s marketing firm, MatchMG, getting in touch with me.

Zach contacted a CMG in every city that the IMS show was going to and organized the stage schedule in such a way that we were all given the opportunity to plug our respective business (and business model) to the entire crowd in the Progressive area of the show. I was lucky enough to present six times over the course of the weekend.
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Cleveland Ultimate Builder Results

Make Money at Custom Bike Shows

Humongous Show in Cleveland!

January 26-28, 2018 – Cleveland Ultimate Builder Results
By Jeff Najar, Biker Pros Partner, Producers of Custom Motorcycle Shows

The last few years Cleveland Ohio has greeted the hardy motorcycle enthusiast with snow, slush and sub-zero weather.

This year global warming produced a balmy 50 degrees so motorcyclists attending the Progressive International Motorcycle Show stepped a little lighter and smiled a little brighter.

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