Cherokee – Classes

Blue Ridge Run AMD Custom Bike Show loads in on Thursday September 6th and runs September 7th – 9th, 2018  — The Kustom Kulture Artisan Show presents the Cherokee AMD Showdown features 3 classes based on different platform combinations of engine and chassis configurations. The competition is open to all brands of motorcycles making it a truly an International competition.

Location: Cherokee, NC
Dates: September 7th – 9th, 2018
Contact Nu: 817-312-0380

Blue Ridge Run AMD Custom Bike Show

  • FREESTYLE CLASS  – The principal platform, where builders will be vying for the opportunity to move on to the World Championship is Free Style, which poses absolutely no restrictions on the builder.
  • STREET CLASS – The Street Class for all 1985 and later customs will also recognize the best EVO.
  • CLASSIC CLASS – The Classic Class for all 1984 and earlier customs will also recognize the growing popularity of survivors.

Ideal for Moto Businesses – The Street and Classic Class ideal for moto businesses and garage builders to network with other builders without having to invest the time and money it takes for an all out ground up custom. The intent is to open the event to builders of all ages and style preference.

Special Awards

  • Garage Builders Award (sponsor choice)
  • People’s Choice

Whether you are a professional builder or simply delight in personalizing your machine to reflect your tastes, we invite you to join us at this year’s Kustom Kulture Artisan Show at the Cherokee Blue Ridge Run.

Bike Show Judging

Judging is by ‘Peer Group Review’ – it is the competitors themselves (plus a few carefully chosen custom industry VIP judges and past competitors) who vote for who will represent them as their World Champion.

‘Peer Group Review’ is how top scientific research and papers are judged by fellow scientists, and we use the same principle for judging custom bikes – who better to pass judgement than those who themselves build custom bikes?