Smoke Out Rally Bike Show Winners

Smoke Out Rally

The Horseless Smoke Out 19 Kills It in Rockingham, NC

A buddy of mine was talking about the Smoke Out Rally and he said that the Smoke Out is oversized, beat up and reeks of marijuana, it’s kind of like Willie Nelson’s tour bus, except people still want to ride that….

And I thought to myself, ‘O ye, of little faith’. Edge, the head cook and bottle washer of the Smoke Out Rally, has been putting on a show for 19 years and each one is run like a symphony of sights and sounds that’s built specifically for the world of the chopper jockey. George the Painter, “GTP”, said that it would be Epic and he was right. It was more relaxed in a way… more like back in the early days of Indian Larry and Billy Lane. [Read more…]