Skidmark Garage Thankful for Participation

Skidmark Garage

Meet the Builders

Many months ago, Tom Wronkovich of Whiskey Grade got this ball rolling when he decided he needed to step into my world and help Skidmark Garage stay alive.

Because he’s connected to some serious decision makers, he proposed the idea of having community motorcycle garages (CMGs) play some sort of role in all the IMS shows this season. This led to Zach Rudio from Progressive’s marketing firm, MatchMG, getting in touch with me.

Zach contacted a CMG in every city that the IMS show was going to and organized the stage schedule in such a way that we were all given the opportunity to plug our respective business (and business model) to the entire crowd in the Progressive area of the show. I was lucky enough to present six times over the course of the weekend.
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