Installing Ken’s Factory NEO-FUSION Headlight

Ken's Factory Neo-Fusion Headlight

Ken’s Factory Neo-Fusion Headlight

Sportster LED Headlight Install

Hank Thibodeau of Widowmaker Custom Design and Repair installed a Ken’s Factory NEO-FUSION Headlight on a 2007 Sportster. The install requires standard hand tools and a little bit of soldiering.

The headlight bucket from Ken’s Factory USA is so stylish that it looks like motorcycle jewelry. Ken Nagai is the renowned international motorcycle designer that builds high quality and premium components. [Read more…]

Custom Fit Ape Hangers on a 1995 Dyna

LA Choppers 5 degree angled riser bushing kit

LA Choppers 5 degree Angled Riser Bushing Kit

A customer rolled into Widowmaker Custom Design and Repair in Rougemont, NC complaining about his reach to the handlebars.

His Ape Hangers were a little too far to reach and made it disconcerting while running through the mountain passes and switchbacks in the local Appalachian Mountains.
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Egging takes 1st in Retro MOD in Seattle

J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Winner:

Aaron Egging’s ’73 Bonny

Aaron Egging takes 1st in Retro MOD at the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Show. Interest in Aaron Egging’s ’73 Bonny was intense. Enthusiasts and builders both circled the build.

Gleaming in the lights of Seattle’s Cathedral of Cool sat a 1973, robin egg blue Triumph Bonneville Bobber, highlighted with gold striping. Its chrome and paint glowed from unnumbered hours of polishing.

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Magic’s Custom Cycle: Sportster 48

Motorcycle USA Winner - Brad Hall

Motorcycle USA Winner – Brad Hall

By Bryan Harley – Cruiser Editor – Motorcycle-USA – |Articles|Articles RSS|Blog|Blog Posts|Blog RSS

Brad Hall caught the bug early. His dad lived on a utility road in the Tacoma, Washington, area called the “Pipeline,” a long gravel road with trails on both sides. After his parents divorced, Brad would go to his dad’s on weekends where he could hear motorcycles coming from “miles away.” He remembers running out to the road just to watch them ride by. Recognizing this passion Brad had for bikes, his dad finally sprung for a mini-bike, one with gold metal-flake and a rip cord engine. His dad would fire it up for him nice and early on weekends and Brad would ride all day long.

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Klock Werks’ Indian Scout ‘@ the NY IMS

Designed by Karlee Cobb

Designed by Karlee Cobb

Following the Sturgis reveal of the new 2015 Indian Scout model, Indian Motorcycle chose a select few shops to customize a Scout. Klock Werks was one of the shops that accepted the opportunity, and decided the design lead of the project should fall to their youngest team member – Karlee Cobb. [Read more…]

Heatland Hustle: The Look is on the move…

Bare Knuckle Choppers

Bare Knuckle Choppers

Heatland Hustle Update:

The J&P Cycles’ giveaway FXR with the X-Wedge mill and Ridewright WHeels is in the final assembly countdown. The schedule is to make the bike available for delivery by the 17th so it can be sent to J&P Cycles for a photography session and then buttoned up for delivery to the NY show.

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Biker Down: Dumptruck Co-hosts the Benefit for Chopper Dave

Dumptruck Co-hosts the Benefit for Chopper Dave

Dumptruck Co-hosts the Benefit for Chopper Dave

This past Saturday on October 25th at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, CA Dumptruck co-hosted the Benefit for Chopper Dave of Chopper Daves Casting Co. He was joined with Jeff Holt of Hot Bike/Street Choppers Magazines.

“It was a great time where the term biker was defined by the support that the community so willingly offered in order to help relieve the pressure of medical bills and time off work for one of the custom motorcycle community’s brightest lights and talented fabricators,” said Dumptruck.

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Tony Prust Shows up at Harley-Davidson’s 111th with an Indian & takes 2nd

2nd in FreeStyle

2nd in FreeStyle

Prust rolls his Indian into Harley-Davidson’s 111th Anniversary Bike Show and rolls out in 2nd place

Up against a cool 2Mil in custom bikes sitting on the floor, Tony Prust of Analog Motorcycles took second with a screamin’ red 1949 Indian Scout accented in gold leaf. Talk about old school!

That Scout named [Read more…]

Joel Gurath wins MOD Harley at Harley’s 111th

 Joel Gurath wins MOD Harley at Harley's 111th

Gurath wins MOD Harley at Harley’s 111th

Gurath walks away with the MOD Harley Award at Harley-Davidson’s 111th Anniversary

Milwaukee didn’t know what hit it when Harley enthusiasts mobbed the 3rd Annual Harley-Davidson Museum Invitational Custom Bike Pro Show in Harley’s hometown. [Read more…]




They Have Too Much Time On Their Hands!

The bike was built by Hal’s Harley Davidson in New Berlin, to pay homage to the dealerships racing history. Avid Dirt Track enthusiasts, Hal and Kirk traveled the Midwest watching races since the mid 70’s.

Like many dealers they turned a hobby into their livelihood when they acquired J&S Cycles in 1978. [Read more…]

4 Alarm Fire @ Milwaukee Museum

Firehouse Racer By Hosier Daddy Choppers

Firehouse Racer By Hosier Daddy Choppers

Event: AMD Invitational Custom Bike Show
Date: August 28, 2013

4 Alarm Fire Ringing in Milwaukee

The fire engine red Firehouse Bobber is secured for the 2nd Annual AMD Invitational Custom Bike Show in Milwaukee. The bike won the Muskegon Bike Time Extreme Custom Bike Show and received the bid to enter into into the Milwaukee show. [Read more…]

Speedmetal Heading to Harley’s 110th Celebration

Speedmetal heading to the AMD Invitational Custom Bike Show

Speedmetal heading to thel AMD Invitational Custom Bike Show

Event: AMD Invitational Custom Bike Show
Date: August 28, 2013

FreeStyle Winner Speedmetal

Kyle Shorey of Shadetree Fabrications is taking his US Championship winning Speedmetal to compete in the 2nd Annual AMD Invitational Custom Bike Show.

Speedmetal took Indy by storm. His FreeStyle class win [Read more…]