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Thursday night at Miami Beach

Thursday night in Miami Beach

By Jeff Najar
The jet touched down at 7PM on Thursday at the Miami Beach airport. I grabbed a cab for the Cadillac Courtyard by Marriott in North Beach, Florida. In 40 minutes I was sitting pool side with a glass of Jack listening to waves crash the surf in high 70 degree weather. Ahh, nothing better than the warmth of South Florida.

The first thing Friday morning I clicked on FOX News. They had co-anchors that looked like Barbie twins. The only way to tell them apart was one was blonde and the other brunette. The Teflon news babes were bright and shiny and read the news like a red carpet update from Hollywood. The weather girl wore a short hoochie-momma dress that accented her ample posterior and hour glass figure. South Florida has a certain feel all to its own. [Read more…]