Profile: ZR-1 Bagger from DD Customs

DD Custom Bagger

DD Custom Bagger

Meet Dave Dupor, a one-man show-custom factory.

– Tyler Ludlow, Biker Pros – 3/13/2015

Bandit from Bikernet got on the horn after seeing the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder National Championship in Chicago, IL to secure a write up on the ZR-1 custom bagger owned by Josh Baldwin and built by Dave Dupor of DD Customs.

Tyler Ludlow, Biker Pros Media Specialist, interviewed Dave about his background and award-winning build.

Steel tanks and steel fenders

Steel tanks and steel fenders

Dupor is known for his steel tanks and steel fenders, which are his biggest sellers. He specializes in drop seats for touring models. It places the rider three inches lower, so he’s in the bike, instead of on top of it.

Dupor started DD Customs in the suburbs of Chicago in 1999. He went from a suit-and-tie mechanical engineer to a premiere show bike builder. One driving factor of his success is his devotion to the customer experience.

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Company Details

Company Info: DD Custom Cycle
Address: 500 Park Ave. Unit 202
Phone: 847-356-8053

Web site:

Specialty items: Huge Audio system with two JL 7.7” speakers up front, two JL 8.8” speakers in the lids all firing from a JL HD600/4 amp, and another pair of Hertz 8” SPL Show series midbass drivers and ST-44 Supertweeters controlled by another HL XD400/4 amp.

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