Paco of Electric 13 Creates a Custom Nexx Lid

Starting the creative process

Starting the creative process

Paco starts the Custom Lid design

Paco Cendon is painting for the Paint Slinger Lid Feature at the Republic of Texas Invitational Custom Bike Show sponsored by Russ Brown. He is using an arctic white Nexx Helmet as his canvas.

The Paint Slinger Lid Feature includes 9 custom painters and tattoo artists from California to Florida. Each artist was given one criteria… make it cool.

Paco sent of a few pictures of his work-in-progress.

Paco of Electric 13 Creates a Custom Nexx Lid

Paco starts painting

Paco of Electric 13 Creates a Custom Nexx Lid

Working around the Nexx Lid goggle

Paco of Electric 13 Creates a Custom Nexx Lid

Up close and personal with the Nexx Lid

Paco’s tattoo shop, Electric 13, is a beautiful shop on Guadalupe at the beginning of the drag near University of Texas.

About Electric 13 – You can tell that their attention to detail isn’t just given to their work by the care they’ve taken with making their environment so inviting and warm. The tattoo team includes:

  • Paco Cendon – Tattooer/Owner
  • Mig Kokinda – Tattooer
  • Gabe Cancino – Tattooer
  • Pat Schreader – Tattooer
  • Giovanni Concato – Tattooer
  • Jamie Mahood – Tattooer

2001 Guadalupe, Austin, TX 78705, US | 512-499-0013

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