Let’s Talk Q4 Quad Concept: The Ultimate Harley 4 Wheeler

Q4 Quad Concept – the Ultimate QUAD – By implementing both our frontend and backend units, we can transform your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle into the most exclusive and ultimate Quad the world has seen.

The concept is only available from Q-Tec engineering and patented globally. Both the Quad and the Trike variations are street legal and certified to the highest European standards and have been awarded European Type Approval. All variations can be driven with a standard car driving license and do not require a specific motorcycle license.

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About the Q4 Quad Concept Team

For many years Sandy Poglavec has had the Harley-Davidson® virus in his blood. As a motorcycle aficionado and big fan of Harley-Davidson® bikes from the state of Wisconsin, USA, Sandy founded „Poechy’s Classics” in a little town in Belgium called Dilsen-Stokkem. He maintained, repaired, customized and restored many luxury Harley-Davidson® motorcycles for the past 20 years.

Sandy’s specialty is designing and building exclusive Harley-Davidson® motorcycles for his customers. His partner Erick, on the other hand, is a specialist from the automotive industry. Over the years a remarkable symbiosis among the two developed.

The achievable exclusivity in the motorcycle custom business has potentially reached its limit so both Sandy and Erick believe an expansion in the areas of performance, handling, riding safety and riding experience will be the next dimension in the custom business. With this vision in mind, both have decided to unite their resources and skills at Q-Tec engineering which represents the absolute high end of bike innovation and design.

At Q-Tec their revolutionary concept will create a new dimension for many fans of Harley Davidson motorcycles and potentially even transform their Harley into a trike or even into a quad.

As a result, a highly skilled and motivated team of specialists introduced several variations of the Q-Tec concept to the market in late 2008. Now let us look into this concept in more detail.

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