Bikernet’s Editor’s Choice Award

– Jeff Najar, Biker Pros Partner

Bernie "Warrior" Tatro Sitting Proud

Bernie “Warrior” Tatro Sitting Proud

Even though Keith “Bandit” Ball, Publisher of, wasn’t in attendance at the 74th Edition of the Daytona Beach Bikeweek, Bikernet was one of the magazines represented at the Editor’s Choice Award sponsored by the Broken Spoke Saloon.

As I made my way around the editors including Marilyn Stemp, Shadow, Chris Callen, Chris Maida and numerous others, I notice that there wasn’t anyone from Bikernet.

So I hit speed dial and heard, what is it, god damit, I’m busy! I never know how Bandit will pick up the line and it almost always makes me laugh.

“Hey, who is your consigliere and making your pick at the Spoke?” I ask.
“Rogue,” he sez.
“Not hear.”
“Then, you are.”'s Editor's Choice Winner’s Editor’s Choice Winner

15 Years in the making

20 Years in the making

So I took a number of pics and texted them to Bandit for his decree. Nope, nothing goes through, so on to Plan B. I’m back on the phone describing the sleds and he selects Bernie “Warrior” Tatro’s long Chopper.

I’m glad he did because the chop is killer cool.

So here is the deal… The Warrior got started securing parts 20 years ago. At first I thought that was crazy, do you know anyone that hangs on to crap for that length of time? Then I thought about it, I still have parts from the Mustang I bought in High School.

It turns out, he bought a derelict springer from Repro Artie for $75 bucks. His buddy Pork Chop made the top triple tree for it and presto-chango, he had a 24” over stock AEE front end as the start of his project.

The gas tank took ten years to find. Air Force Chris installed a hidden filler cap, stretched it 9”, relocated the petcock to the back and installed hidden mounts.

Front and rear wheels came from Black Gold Cycles in Daytona, FL. They also built a one-kick Sporty by building a mil with 10 to 1 compression, 30 over bore, ported and polished heads with compression release, Manely values, high lift P cams and a sweet SU Carb.

The killer paint was applied by John of McCarthy Signs in New Hampshire. It’s Ed Roth Cherry flake with House of Kolor Candy and Clear

The bike is a throwback to the ‘70s with no front brake, rear drum brake, King and Queen seat and extended springer front end.

Tech Sheet

Bike Name: Born To Be WIld
Builder: Bernie “Warrior” Tatro
City/state: Edgewater, FL
Fabrication: Bernie “Warrior” Tatro and Pork Chop


  • Year: 1974
  • Make: Harley-Davidson
  • Model: Sportster
  • Displacement: 1000cc
  • Builder or Rebuilder: Black Gold Cycles
  • Pistons: .030 over
  • Ignition: Dyna
  • Heads: Ported and polished:
  • Compression releases: Custom made by Vulcan Works
  • Cams: Andrews P cams
  • Carburetion: Rivera SU
  • Air cleaner: Rivera SU
  • Exhaust: Custom fabricated


  • Year: 1974
  • Make: Stock
  • Gear configuration: Stock
  • Kicker: Yes


  • Builder: Paughco
  • Style or Model: Chopper
  • Rake: 52 degrees

Front End

  • Make: AEE
  • Model: Springer
  • Year: 1974
  • Length:Sheet metal 24” overstock

Sheet metal

  • Oil Tank: MID USA, narrowed 3” by Mark in Auburn, Maine
  • Fenders: Rear – 6” flat contoured to fit tire profile
  • Taillight: MID USA
  • Headlights: Bates
  • Battery box: Built by Mark in Auburn, Maine


  • Color: Original old Ed Roth Cherry flake House of Kolor Candy and clear
  • Molding: Mike
  • Painting: Big John
  • Painter: Big John at Mac Signs, Hindale, NH
  • Graphics or art: Big John



  • Make: Custom
  • Size: 21”
  • Brake: None
  • Tire: Avon Speedmaster


  • Make: HD with stainless spokes
  • Size: 16”
  • Brake: H-D Drum
  • Tire: Avon Speedmaster


  • Foot controls: Forward, MID USA
  • Bars: MID USA
  • Risers: Black Gold Cycles
The 2015 Daytona Lineup

The 2015 Daytona Broken Spoke

About the Broken Spoke Saloon

It all began 20+ years ago in Sturgis, South Dakota. What began as a small band of dedicated riders with a love for the open road and a thirst for adventure (not to mention an occasional adult beverage) has become the biggest biker bar on the planet.

And no matter where you find us — in the Black Hills of Sturgis, South Dakota, the lakes of Laconia, New Hampshire or the sunshine of Daytona, Florida, you’ll always find the same things — great bikes, hot babes, cold drinks and fast friends.

That’s what happens when you have a saloon that’s as authentic as the riders — and bikes — that come in here year after year. Until we see you on the road…


Full 1000cc of Sporty power

Full 1000cc of Sporty power

Interesting and complex paint

Flames combined with true flames I

Custom painting with airbrushing

Custom painting with airbrushing

Sano Plumbing

Sano Plumbing

The Business End of the Pipe

The Business End of the JC Whitney Pipe

Flames combined with true flames

Flawless paint

Nice touches

Custom Oil Bag

Awards for the Editor' Choice

Awards for the Editor’ Choice

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