Hard Knocks Customs Bike Show

Edge walks us through the concept of the Hard Knocks Custom at the Smoke Out Rally. He created a new style of custom show by walking around awarding the Hard Knock Bike. They then are collected and placed in the Hard Knock Corral. It’s like a Joe’s Bike SHow.

A Biker’s Choice Rep determines which bike will be pulled into the Hard Knock circle and then the Horse Team votes on for the winner. Get Smoke Out Rally details here.

About the Smoke Out

The Smoke Out is about choppers. It is about builders, from professional builders to those bloody-knuckled guys (and ladies) burning the midnight oil in an unheated shed to build a chopper they can call their own. Chops of all makes are featured, American, British, Metric, everything. The event is about riders, cross-town to cross-country in a rainstorm.
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