Bikes at Invitational Harley-Davdison 110th Bike Show

Announcing the latest Invitational Entries – May 28th

bikerOn May 28th we are announcing the 1st round of invites to the Harley-Davdison 110th Bike Show.

We have our first round of 14 builders:
  • Donald Weimer
  • Rick Bray
  • Mike Cole
  • Jesse Bassett
  • Daniel Sanchez
  • Bill Jones, Custom Services
  • Jon Shipley
  • Bruce Boldon
  • Mitch Leander, Builder, Thomas Hedrick, Owner
  • Roy Martin
  • Michael Barbato
  • Bill Jones
  • Jeremy Cupp
  • Sebastian Bularz

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Rick Bray Rolling Pala Duro into Milwaukee

Rock Bray's Pala Duo Custom Sled

Rick Bray’s Pala Duo Custom Sled

Competition Heats Up in FreeStyle Class

Rick Bray is rolling in his award-winning Pala Duo custom sled to compete in the 2013 edition of the AMD Affiliate Custom Bike Show. If he wins the class he will be joing an elite group of Team USA members that receive a complmentary pass and travel to Germany in 2014 to represent the USA and compete in the World Championships.

The bike’s name, Pala Duro, means Hard Shovel in Spanish and that’s good because the bike is running a Harley-Davidson 80 inch [Read more…]