Rules & Classes

Harley-Davidson Museum® Pro Invitational Custom Bike Show


Free Style; Anything goes, 2 or 3 wheel drivetrain / chassis motorcycle configurations as defined by the DMV. The only limitation is the builder’s imagination and resources.

Retro Custom; Must have a Pre – 84 any brand OEM engine, replica engines are not allowed. Custom or stock modified frames are acceptable. Must be a 2 or 3 wheel motorcycle configuration as defined by the DMV.

Street Custom; Must have a major OEM engine and frame. Neck may be cut to rake or stretch frame. Hard tail sections and wide tire kits are acceptable. Must be a 2 or 3 wheel motorcycle configuration as defined by DMV. Baggers are allowed in this class.

Perfomance Custom; Must have engine and/or suspension upgrades. Does not have to be street legal. Modified or competition specific frames and stretched swingarms are acceptable. All forms of competition (drag racing, class C, road racing and off road) 2 and 3 wheel motorcycles are acceptable .

Judging will be conducted by ‘peer review,’ topped up by a VIP panel. One voting form will be issued per builder on registration regardless of the number of bikes entered.

Competitors cannot vote for their own bike(s).

Correctly completed judging forms must be received back at the Registration Desk by the stated deadline to be included in the voting process. The decision of the judges is final. In the event of a tie on points for any award, the entry having gained the most 1st place votes of the tied entries will be deemed the winner.

Any dispute that arises are addressed by Biker Pros and are final.

The participants shall be permitted to use the title of Custom Bike Builder at 2016 Harley Davidson Museum Invitational Custom Bike Show, in perpetuity for the year concerned. He or she may use this title in all or any of his or her personal or business promotional activities and materials, but at all times the title remains the property of the owners.

If you have questions call our office at 817-312-0380 or send an email to bkay @