Hal’s Builds a Flat Track Bagger



The bike was built by Hal’s Harley Davidson in New Berlin, to pay homage to the dealerships racing history. Avid Dirt Track enthusiasts, Hal and Kirk traveled the Midwest watching races since the mid 70’s.

Like many dealers they turned a hobby into their livelihood when they acquired J&S Cycles in 1978. [Read more…]

The Jeremy Cupp Interview

Old Black Heads to Milwaukee

Old Black Heads to Milwaukee

Jeremy Cupp’s Old Black

Jeremy Cupp runs a metal fabrication shop and has the chops to build just about anything. Cupp is one of the most highly-regarded builders in America. Old Black came to the 110th, entered the Retro MOD class, and took home the trophy. [Read more…]

Bandit Interviews Hoosier Daddy Choppers

The Firehouse Racer

The Firehouse Racer

Keith “Bandit” Ball, Publisher of the World’s Largest Online Custom Motorcycle Magazine, interviews Jon Shipley of Hoosier Daddy Choppers at the 2013 AMD Invitational Custom Bike Show about his Firehouse Racer bobber. [Read more…]

Daniel Sanchez of Cut Throat Customs Takes 2nd

Sanchez of Cut Throat Customs Takes 2nd

Tracker by Daniel Sanchez of Cut Throat Customs

Texas Well Represented @ 110th

Daniel Sanchez of the Texas-based Cut Throat Customs brought Tracker, a 2012 Cut Throat Customs rigid, and took 2nd place in FreeStyle at the 2nd Annual AMD Invitational Custom Bike Show. The custom bike show is held annually in Milwaukee on the Harley-Davidson Museum campus.

The bike features an elongated board tracker styled sled with [Read more…]

People’s Choice Award Winner – Tom Hedrick

People's Choice Award

Dustin Hobert’s Airbrushing

500 Hours of Airbrushing

Tom Hedrick’s 1987 H-D Heritage Softail is super slick. It features a seat by Howard Knight of Rocking K Custom Leathers, fairing and Milwaukee Iron fenders and dash. The go-fast parts include a Woods Prowler Cam, twin Mikuni units, Rivera manifold, nitrous and Panhead-style rocker box covers and custom pipes. But the coolest item of the Heritage is the paint. Dustin Hobert put 500 hours in airbrushing. [Read more…]

Marilyn Stemp of IronWorks Captures Big Bird

Marilyn Stemp at Harley-Davidson 110th Celebration

Marilyn Stemp at Harley-Davidson 110th Celebration

Marilyn Stemp of IronWorks Magazine selected the H-D 1965 Panhead owned by Big Bird and built by Custom Services for the Editor’s Choice award. It will be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

It’s a righteous rigid and this stroker is built with the best components including roller rockers, Baker 6 Speed, BDL Belt drive, S&S Carb & Mallory Distributor. The bike has a molded frame and features a molded frame, Mean Street Dual Disc frontend. [Read more…]

Bandit selects Bastard Deluxe

Bandit Awards the 5 Ball

Bandit Awards the 5 Ball

Bandit flew into Milwaukee to award the Bikernet Editor’s Choice award at the AMD Invitational Custom Bike Show. He’s media royalty so we sent the limo and chauffeured him around during the Harley-Davidson 110th Celebration.

He selected Don Weimer’s Bastard Deluxe, a 2012 Weimer Pro Street /Drag motorcycle. It’s a low slung board tracker that is powered by a H-D Twin Cam 107 and painted Kandy Tangerine over Black. Bandit is featuring the sled in an upcoming issue of Bikernet. [Read more…]

AMD Invitational Custom Bike Show Winners

AMD Invitational – Free Style

FreeStyle Winner

FreeStyle Winner

Shaun Ruddy of Chop Deville ran down the competition with his 2012 Chop Deville Retro Racer called Chop Deluxe. Shaun won FreeStyle and will be heading to the AMD World Championship in Essen, Germany as part of Team USA.

The radical board track racer is manufactured with heads & manifold that are ported and matched, CBX thermal barrier coating, Panhead front rocker box, Fueling lifters, pushrods and Yost powertube. Chop Deluxe delivers 167 HP. [Read more…]

What to do in Milwaukee @ 110th

There is plenty to see in Milwaukee such as the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Historic Third Ward and Lake Park. We uncovered a quirky, fun side to the city.

The Fonz
fonzieA statue of Arthur, aka “The Fonz,” Fonzarelli from the TV show Happy Days, which was set in Milwaukee. Today he stands along the Milwaukee River, giving his famous thumbs-up (“Ayyy!”). Head to the Milwaukee River walk, just south of Wells Street, say hello to The Fonz. Details [Read more…]

Roy Martin Heads to Milwaukee

Roy Martin Heads to Milwaukee

Roy Martin Heads to Milwaukee

For Harley fans all over the nation, the 110th Harley-Davidson Anniversary Celebration is a big deal and being invited as a custom builder is an even bigger deal. Chosen as one of 28 Harley motorcycle builders from across the country, Glendale Patrol Sergeant and professional custom Harley-Davidson builder Roy Martin will compete at the AMD (American Motorcycle Dealer) Invitational Custom Bike Show starting August 28 through September 1 at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin…

[Read more…]