Win a HelmetLok @ Bike Time

Win A HelmetLok for your Sled

Win A HelmetLok for your Sled

HelmetLok is a far more versatile helmet lock that doesn’t require a permanent attachment point and gives a lot of flexibility in your locking needs.

This is a carabiner and opens outward, which makes it easy to lock to stuff – a practical helmet lock solution!

Uses of a HelmetLok carabiner

The HelmetLok carabiner allows a motorcyclist additional options for hanging and managing (securing or deterring theft) gear while out and about on a motorcycle. Here are some examples:
  • Locks your helmet to the motorcycle
  • Serves as a belt hook for keys or other gear
  • Serves as a general purpose camping carabiner in combination with tent ropes
  • Secures loads to your bike when used with tie downs
  • Secures jackets and other riding gear when used with a cable
  • Useful as a key fob
  • Other uses, limited only by your imagination

HelmetLok Summary
Are there any limitations? Well, anytime a biker secures an object by webbing, cloth, and/or soft tie; e.g., string, rope, leather, etc., locking is a bit of a misnomer if the expectation is to “keep an item or items from being stolen.” The HelmetLoc is not magic, and therefore, will not keep someone from using a knife or other tool to cut through soft ties. However if the expectation is to deter someone from walking off with a prized helmet or other important possession, then the HelmetLok works just great.

HelmetLokis not suitable for use as a weight-bearing device or for applications where life or safety is at risk. HelmetLok is patented in Australia and worldwide.

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Produced by Biker Pros

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HelmetLok Sponsors Bike Time

HelmetLok is what you need to secure your helmet. It allows you to secure your lid on just about any place on your motorcycles. HelmetLok provided 12 locks for the top 12 placing competitors. The carabiner-style HelmetLok secures your helmet using the outward opening combination lock mechanism which conveniently fits any model bike. Small and […]